Rewards Bag

Rewards Bag

Project Summary

Client: Amplify Media Partners Ltd
Finished Project: Update Wordpress website to new design, implement animations, SEO best practice
Date: July 2019

The Brief

The client had a new design created for their website and so they needed their current site updated to reflect this new design.

The site needs to remain in the same format to enable to client to continue easily maintaining and editing the CMS.

As the site is to be accessed on a range of screen sizes and by both English and German speaking users, the site needs to be responsive and multi-language

The Project

I maintained the structure of the client's current Wordpress website but created new custom modules for the new sections required. This would allow the client to continue maintaining the site as they had been, with minimal training required for the new sections.

To add the animations, I used a combination of CSS3 animations, Javascript and SVG animations. I adopted a different approach for each animation depending on the interaction, play time and animation required.

The site is fully responsive and uses can switch between German and English when using the site.

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