fifteenth of july

We are thrilled to invite you to share in our wedding day. Here you will find all the information you need to ensure you have as much fun on the day as we do!

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Meet the Team


Women of Honour



Kate is Maria's Woman of Honour.

"Kate and I have been friends since we were about 8 years old. Since then we have grown to become family - I often refer to Kate as my sister from another mister. There are few others I could trust to tell me how it is, put me in my place, and to be there any time of the day or night regardless of the distance between us. There was no other choice for my Woman of Honour!

Kate is one of the most loyal and faithful friends I could ever have imagined. She is kind, caring, intelligent and funny. They say you don’t choose your family, but I got to choose this one!"



Jenn is Annie's Woman of Honour.

"Jenn and I met on our first day of university and have been causing mischief together ever since. When it came to picking a friend to stand by my side when saying the big 'I do', picking Jenn was a no-brainer. She's one of those friends who is always there for you, and would go to end of the world and back if you just asked.

As well as being ridiculously kind and thoughtful, Jenn also has THE best sense of humour. I don't think we've ever hung out together without cackling so hard our stomachs hurt and our eyes stream.
She's the peabrain to my peahead."




Tom is our Bridesman and is Annie's older brother.

"I have always been close with both of my brothers, but I'm sure that when we were growing up this friendship between us was nurtured by Tom. He's always been a caring big brother - he used to invent games and even a 'nature school' to keep us entertained during the school holidays.

I am lucky that this friendship has continued into adulthood and Tom continues to be a caring, funny, and awesome brother. I am proud of the kind and talented person he has turned out to be."



Savvas is our Bridesman and is Maria's older brother.

"Savvas was the best brother to grow up with! Fiercely protective and a devoted big brother, I was untouchable… except by him! And then it was all on! He shared with me his love for sci-fi and technology, and I have always admired his incredible intelligence and insight. He taught me to be strong and to speak my mind with confidence… and how to twirl a stick like a ninja.

Savvas’ determination and perseverance have inspired me throughout life. He is generous to a fault and cares deeply for those he loves. I feel very blessed to have him as a big brother and know all will be well while he’s around!"



David is our Bridesman and is Annie's younger brother.

"David was so much fun to grow up with... he's someone you can convince to do anything. One of my favourite memories from our childhood is the time I convinced him to crawl out of our bedroom window onto the flat roof, and then shimmy along the pitched roof that jutted out into our garden. I can remember us both being genuinely surprised when Dad looked up from the garden, saw two of his children on the roof and immediately turned white.

This recklessness and zest for fun has definitely followed David into adulthood but I'm really proud of the kind and thoughtful person he is growing up to be."



Lucy, also known as Peach, is our Brideswoman and Annie's former work colleague.

"Peach and I met when we were working together at a children's publisher. We hit it off immediately, but our friendship solidified when we started sharing the 1-hour commute from Brighton together. We used to spend the entire journey crying with laughter and arrive at work hyper and a distraction to our colleagues!

From literally the first day that Maria and I moved back to Brighton, Peach became a friend that we could rely on. It was Peach and her husband, Blake, that we called in desperation when our sofa wouldn't fit through our new front door!

Peach is such a considerate and wonderful friend and I'm grateful to have her as part of our team on the big day."



Casey is our Brideswoman and is Maria's homie.

"Casey and I solidified our friendship in an Arts Ed class at uni when our lecturer was having a hard time. Casey and I stayed behind to check in with her and it was this insight to Casey’s caring and thoughtful nature that sparked our friendship. Since then it’s been a fantastic mess of late nights, Greek feasts, plate smashing, halloumi, Paint Supplies and calm farms.

Belly-laughs are plentiful when this one is around. She’s a quality sheila and one of the best friends a girl could ask for… especially when there’s something to be done! You know she’ll be there ready to help no matter what."



Wild Camping

Save yourself the cab fare and camp in the wildflower field adjacent to the venue for £20 per tent. We will be operating an honesty box on the day, so please bring cash with you to drop in the box.

Alternatively, you can transfer it to us via PayPal.

Check in/Check out

Check in is from 11am on Saturday 15th July. Our ceremony will be starting at 2:30pm so please allow yourself plenty of time to pitch up and be ready to gather for 2pm.

There is no formal check in and the owners of Plush Tents are expecting you, so feel free to rock up and pitch up. A map of the site is available here. You will be camping in Densworth Farm - don't worry, it will be clearly sign-posted on the day.

Check out is 11am on Sunday morning.


There are two compost toilets and three flushing toilets on site. These are situated in the venue and so may be a short walk from the campsite.

There are four hot, gas-powered showers in the venue.

The entire site is off-grid so there will not be any electricity (or WiFi!) available to you during your stay.

We will be providing you with a late afternoon meal and a late evening meal on Saturday. We suggest you eat lunch before arriving!

If you would like breakfast on Sunday you can order a breakfast hamper put together by Field & Fork on the venue's website, or you can bring your own.

There is a small kitchen on site, which you are welcome to use on Sunday morning if you fancy a cooked brekkie, but please be aware that as the site is off-grid there are no fridges available to keep food cool.

Unfortunately fires are not permitted on the campsite, but there is a large central fire pit in the main venue surrounded by benches where you can warm up if needed!


You will be able to park your car off-road at the entrance to the campsite. Please follow the signs to where you will be camping.

Hotels and B&B's

There are many hotels and B&B's available in the local area. We do advise booking them promptly as July is peak season in Chichester.

The venue is about 5 minutes drive from Chichester town centre - please see directions for the postcode.

mason jar


All the bits you need to know ahead of the day

Dress code

Although we are partying in a field, we would love to see all our guests dressed smartly for the day. Think the smarter side of smart-casual!
It will probably get cold in the evening so we would suggest bringing a warm jacket to wear.


The majority of the site is wood-chip flooring, so we would advise against wearing stilettos. The brides and bridal party will be in flat shoes!

We are off-grid

The entire site is off the grid, so there is no electricity available anywhere at the venue.


We will be supplying a range of beers, wines, soft drinks and water for you to consume throughout the day, however if you fancy something different or want to ensure you are 'topped up' for the night, you are welcome to bring your own drinks. There is no corkage charge so feel free to bring whatever you fancy. As mentioned above there are no fridge facilities on site, but if you'd like your drinks to stay cool you are welcome to use the ice buckets we will be providing.


In case you didn't spot it above, there is free off-road parking at the venue.

Music out 10:30pm

As we are in the countryside and sound travels easily, the owners of the site ask that music stops at 10:30pm.



The address for the venue is: Plush Tents, Chapel Lane, East Ashling, Chichester PO18 9AW.


Directions from London: Come off the A27 at Fishbourne Roundabout, by taking Fishbourne Exit. Then, turn right onto Salthill Road and continue to end of the road. Turn left onto the B2178, towards the village of East Ashling. Just after the sign for Oakwood School, turn right onto Chapel Lane, drive past St. Mary Sennicotts Chapel and continue down the track for 200 yards until you see a Farm Gate on your left, signposted ‘Plush Tents’. Parking is sign-posted and located in the field on your right.


Chichester train station is 4 miles away, you will need to get a taxi from there costing approximately £12.

The venue is closer to Fishbourne and Bosham train stations, however there is no taxi rank and they charge a call out from Chichester.



We know that many of you have travelled from all corners of the globe (literally!) to join us on our special day. Your presence is more than gift enough.

We are blessed with so much love, happiness and support in our lives that we would like to give back in memory of those who have given us so much. 50% of any honeymoon contributions received will be donated in memory of our grandmothers, Patricia Fedorec and Sylvia Kyte, and other loved family members who have passed away. Our chosen charities are British Heart Foundation, Bloodwise UK, and Leukaemia Foundation Australia.

If you would like to contribute to our honeymoon/charities, there will be a birdcage for envelopes at the venue, but we do not wish for any of our guests to feel obliged.

Save the date


Let us know if you can make it

Please let us know if you will be able to attend our wedding by filling out the form below.

If you are filling it out for other people, be sure to include their names too so we know who is coming.

Please RSVP by 15/06/17